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January 31 2014


i want female villains whose backstory don’t revolve around men breaking their hearts or wanting to be more beautiful than another girl  i want female villains who are evil for the fun of it and i want female villains with tragic backstories that don’t revolve around men i want female villains with backstories and motives just as diverse and complex as male villains i’m so sick of female villains who are only motivated by men and girlhate

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you have to fight for what you own;

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I can slay my own dragons
I can dream my own dreams
My knight in shining armor is me



incomplete list of things girls like:

  • homicide
  • double homicide
  • triple homicide hell yeah
  • witchcraft
  • lesbianism
  • human sacrifice
  • dead things
  • monsters
  • summoning satan

i am a girl and i 100% guarantee this works i am a huge sucker for triple homicide

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Leslie/Ann quotes applied to Joan and Sherlock.

"No! I am dissecting a body in the middle of the night. We are NOT having a moment! "

"No offense, Watson! but I don’t remember you having a medical degree in feelings!"

January 24 2014

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You call the shots, babe.

January 22 2014

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"Hekate Einodia, Trioditis [Trivia],

lovely dame, of earthly, watery,

and celestial frame, sepulchral,

in a saffron veil arrayed,

pleased with dark ghosts that

wander through the shade;

Perseis, solitary goddess, hail!”

January 20 2014

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Houses of Westeros - House Manderly of White Harbour

January 19 2014

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 Hawkguy + Full Body Shots

artist: David Aja,

these are really good and i personally feel that a willingness to commit to drawing a head-to-toe human figure on a regular basis is important to visual storytelling.

So expressive.
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Michael B. Jordan as Elijah Bradley/Patriot

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“She don’t speak,” said the big man in the yellow cloak. “You bloody bastards cut her throat too deep for that. But she remembers.”

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geekgirl101 wanted more baby avengers and a while back kurairoxy asked “Do adults have to take them along on missions sometimes?" And this became the outcome. These are the only two I have done so far, but I plan on doing all the babies uvu. I already have Teddy pretty much done

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January 18 2014

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"A while ago I read some stuff, and it was tonnes of people, all saying I wasn’t beautiful enough to be an actress. And I thought, well, that’s not what you’re meant to be. I’ve never aspired to play a character that was beautiful."


internet friends are kinda like illegally downloaded friends. you don’t get the physical copy but you still get all the great content


i want to be surrounded by people that get excited about the same things as me

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and it’s my fault

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kids today with their goddamn dragons and multicolored weddings

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